Three generations of Pokemon players Joy, Val at 78 years of age and Greg McKenzie.
Three generations of Pokemon players Joy, Val at 78 years of age and Greg McKenzie. Patrick Woods

Another contender for Coast's oldest Pokemon trainer

VAL McKenzie is matching Robyn Oxenham's 65 years and raising her another 13 as she vies for the title of the Sunshine Coast's oldest Pokemon Go trainer.

The 78-year-old Caloundra resident was first introduced to to Pokemon, an acronym for pocket monsters, when her grandson Greg played the original games on Gameboy when he was six years old.

Greg, now 24, has entered into a friendly rivalry with his Nan and mother Joy to be the first to catch them all.

But with Joy on holidays and able to walk many more kilometres with Val while Greg is at work, he is falling behind.

Val has 114 of the 151 Pokemon in her collection while Joy has 135.

Joy said they were in the process of teaching Val the ins and outs of the gyms, so she can battle other Pokemon trainers on her iPhone 6 to increase her skill level.

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There are times when all three generations walk around Caloundra and Mooloolaba on the hunt.

With relatives in Melbourne also on the Pokemon bandwagon, they have started up a closed family group on Facebook dedicated to sharing tips and tricks to boost their points in the game.

"It's a great way for families to communicate, and it's an interest to get us out of the house and busy,” Joy said.

"The only one we haven't been able to get to play is dad. He used to troll mum and say things like he'd found a Pikachu on the way to the bathroom and sometimes he gets annoyed if mum and I go out hunting after we swim at the pool and don't come back until 10pm.”

Joy said the whole family has enjoyed the challenge of the game and Val was showing no signs of giving it away until she had found the rare Pokemon and caught the "ones that had run away.