ANGRY: 100's of locals flocked to the Landsborough School of Arts to have their say.
ANGRY: 100's of locals flocked to the Landsborough School of Arts to have their say. Jorgia White

Anger brews over overpass plans in Landsborough

THERE were passionate scenes in Landsborough, as hundreds of residents gathered to share their angst over the proposed overpass development by the State Government.

The main issue is the replacement of the Caloundra Rd level crossing with a grade separated road over rail solution which has the potential to impact many homes.

Some residents have already been notified that their property may be directly affected by the development without any prior consultation.

Others like Eliane Ouston said the value of properties including her own will immediately halve should the upgrade go ahead.

Mrs Ouston has recently purchased a business in Caloundra St without any knowledge of the proposal.

"I went on to the railway website to find out where the crossing would be and it said that the crossing was going on Old Gympie St,” she said.

"We purchased the property thinking that we wouldn't be impacted at all until a neighbour came over and asked us if we were going to the meeting.

"They showed us the proposals and we were gobsmacked as this was not what they had displayed on the website.”

Mrs Ouston said the proposed roundabout would go right in front of her newly purchases business.

"While this will not only halve the value of our property, it will also be far too noisy and busy for a business,” she said.

Concerned Landsborough residents suggested many alternatives during the community consultation that they don't believe the State Government has fully considered.

Member for Caloundra Mark McCardle confirmed that the notice to residents that the upgrade 'may impact homes' wsa enough to halve property values.

"The overpass goes from east to west and will impact on property owners from both sides meaning devaluation in their property values,” he said.

"It misses or bypasses Cribb St, which is a major economic area of Landsborough.”

Mr McCardle said the situation closely resembled the one that occurred in Beerwah eight years ago.

"They closed the crossing overnight and economically it was a disaster,” he said.

"If you take away the capacity for business owners to get customers in the front door they will lose value, they will lose business, employees suffer and they will eventually close down.

"The other problem is that there are two groups of people that come to Landsborough, those who shop and live locally and those who travel from other areas to get to the mountain ranges.

"If you close off the railway crossing it means you are going to completely lose that traffic coming through.”

A Queensland Government representative said they would uphold their commitment to the "progressive priority upgrade of the North Coast Line to improve its safety, efficiency and reliability”.

If residents wish to highlight further concerns with their properties, they can do so by emailing