Warning - Video above contains graphic content

TELEVISION news presenters have a tough time.

One sartorial or verbal mix-up and you're sunk. Get yourself caught off guard during your maiden broadcast and its goodnight and thanks for the 'and finallys'.

Fall foul to the 'thinking-the-mic-is-off syndrome' and you'll become an internet sensation overnight.

Perhaps, therefore, the presenter of a Greek news programme that accidentally aired graphic pornographic footage should just be grateful it wasn't his whoops moment.

Viewers who tuned into watch a news broadcast earlier this week on Greece's state-owned public TV station ET3 were greeted by the sight of a monitor in the background showing pornographic footage.

According to reports on the gossip website Gawker the sex scene on the screen behind the remarkably unflappable presenter was an erotic movie that was being shown on ET1 at the same time.