LETTER: American gun lobby overhaul needed to end violence

THE ABC's Four Corners program on Monday night enlightened us, or rather shocked us, as to the horrendous problem of gun control in America.

I was horrified to see children at the tender age of 5 being shown by their own father how to use and fire a gun.

The mentality of the gun lobby in the United States needs to be seriously questioned, and stopped.

The program highlighted youngsters at the age of 14 being able to purchase a gun in some states, and guns being displayed for sale on supermarket shelves with no security checks on anyone.

The number of adults and children killed every year by guns was staggering, and yet no-one seems able to stop the violence.

Not once did I hear the words - violence promotes violence, and everyone knows this is the case.

But moreover the words uttered were - "We need to protect ourselves".

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a country the size and power of America cannot control their own appalling record of violence when they claim to be a peace-loving nation.

JAN HOPKINS, Dicky Beach