Moranbah courthouse.
Moranbah courthouse.

Moranbah man claims mate spiked his drink

AN ALLEGED drug-driver claims his mate spiked his drink with ice during a party after initially telling police he had passively absorbed the drugs.

Michael Robert Stockwell maintains he did not voluntarily take the drugs despite pleading guilty to the charge.

Police stopped him on Mills Ave in Moranbah on November 9 and tests revealed he had methylamphetamines in his system.

He initially told police he has been at a gathering where other people had been smoking marijuana and ice while he was nearby.

Magistrate Robert Walker questioned if Mr Stockwell was asserting the positive test was the result of passivity.

Mr Stockwell then told the court he had since learned his mate had put ice in his drink.

"I've been inconvenienced by my mate," he told Moranbah Magistrates Court.

"So you maintain the story that it wasn't voluntary consumption?" Mr Walker asked.

"Yes," he said, but asked if the matter could still be finalised.

The court heard Mr Stockwell had raised a defence to the charge and as a result his guilty plea was vacated.

The matter was adjourned to February 5 for mention.

"If on that date you continue to tell me that you maintain this story ... your matter will go to a hearing."


A FATHER of three was shocked to learn he was more than twice the limit because he stuck to "the whole rule thing".

Eric Roy Lilly knocked back seven stubbies over five hours believing if he had two drinks in the first hour and one every hour afterwards he would be fine.

"I actually thought I was doing the right thing," he told Moranbah Magistrates Court.

Magistrate Robert Walker said he was "stunned to hear that excuse" from someone with a blood alcohol reading of 0.108 per cent.

Lilley pleaded guilty to attempting to put a car in motion while over the middle alcohol limit.

"Your explanation is unimpressive," Mr Walker said.

"If you drink, don't drive. It's as simple as that."

Lilley was convicted and fined $850. He was disqualified for eight months.


AN UNDERGROUND fitter has lost his licence for two years because he drove barely a month into on a drink-driving disqualification.

Jacob Roland McNamara's car was parked at Moranbah Miners Leagues Club for a few days and he had chosen to drive it less than a kilometre to his home.

Solicitor Sean Gibbs told Moranbah Magistrates Court his client had asked his girlfriend, now former girlfriend, who had refused.

He said this sparked an argument, so he made the "foolish" decision to drive.

McNamara, 24, pleaded guilty to disqualified driving, which occurred on December 27 last year.

The court heard he had received a five-month court-ordered disqualification on October 16 for drink-driving.

Mr Gibbs said McNamara would not lose his job but had, as a result, lost all his tickets to drive underground.

"Disqualified driving is a serious offence ... because it demonstrates a lack of regard for the order of the court, perhaps even a contempt for the order of the court," Magistrate Robert Walker said.

He was convicted and fined $750. McNamara cannot drive for the next two years.


SMOKING ice "wasn't really worth it" for Donna Lea Victor.

She fronted Moranbah Magistrates Court yesterday for possessing a used pipe that she told police she used to smoke "meth".

Cops raided her home on November 21 and found the drug item on her bedside table.

"It was a stupid decision, I haven't touched it since," she said after pleaded guilty to possessing the pipe.

"It wasn't really worth it."

The court heard she was already proactive about her rehabilitation.

She was convicted and fined $400.


WHEN security guards tried to remove Georgina Macee Mackay from the Black Nugget hotel, she lashed out in anger.

Mackay had been so drunk staff cut her off from the bar.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Cramp said it was 11pm on December 20 and Mackay began acting out after she was refused service.

So security escorted her from the venue, but she argued with the guards and pushed her way back inside.

Moranbah Magistrates Court heard security had to physically remove her from the building.

Sgt Cramp said Mackay twice lashed out and attempted to strike the guards with her elbow.

When she tried to push her way back in a second time, other patrons came and stood between her and the security guards.

The court heard police were called and found her walking nearby upset.

She pleaded guilty to being a public nuisance in or near a licensed premises, failing to leave a premises and removal of a person from a premises.

"My behaviour was unacceptable and I shouldn't have acted like that," she told the court.

Magistrate Robert Walker said there was a lesson to be learned; alcohol should be treated with caution.

"It's disappointing to hear a young person become too intoxicated in a way detailed by the sergeant," Mr Walker said.

"Let this be your first and last time ... in court."

Mackay was placed on a $500 six-month good behaviour bond. Convictions were not recorded.