'Horrific' child rape case: Woman, man face huge jail terms

CHILD sex allegations against a Central Queensland pair are so horrific the prosecutors will be asking for a life in prison sentence for the main offender.

The case was heard in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton today where Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence presented the indictment which contained over 230 charges, including two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child.

"The seriousness of the case is why it is in this court," Ms Lawrence said.

Child sex offences - which can include charges such as rape, indecent treatment of children, maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, possessing child exploitation material, making child exploitation material or distributing child porn - are usually dealt with in the District Court due to the maximum terms of imprisonment set out in Queensland legislation.

Ms Lawrence said due to the seriousness of this case, the Crown will be asking for life in prison for the male defendant.

According to the Corrective Services Act 2006 (QLD), a life sentence imposed for an offender convicted of a repeat serious child sex offence has a minimum non-parole period of 20 years, with 15 years being for other offences.

A man dubbed Australia's worst paedophile for abusing 62 young girls, was sentenced to life in prison in July 2003.

Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, a former Boys Brigade leader and Sunday school teacher, molested young girls over three decades, even filming them from a ceiling spy-hole.

In July 2003 Dobbs was sentenced for more than 100 offences involving the sexual mistreatment of children, committed from 1972, when he was 18, to 1999, when he was 45.

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Ms Lawrence said most of the offending was captured on video.

"Two hundred and one of those counts arise from video recordings," she said.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said defence teams wanted to get psychological reports on both accused ahead of setting the matters down for sentencing.

Both defendants, from Gladstone, have been remanded in custody and the next mention in court will be on October 16.

The charges include:


Rape - 56 counts

Attempted rape - eight counts

Indecent treatment of a child - 21 counts

Making child exploitation material - 13 counts

Common assault - 26 counts


Indecent treatment of a child - 27 counts

Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child - two counts

Rape - 28 counts

Rape DV offence - four counts

Attempted rape - six counts

Possessing child exploitation material - one count

Making child exploitation material - three counts

Distributing child exploitation material - one count

Common assault - seven counts


Maintaining a sexual relationship - one count

Rape - three counts

Making child exploitation material - seven counts

Indecent treatment of a child - five counts

*For 24-hour sexual violence support call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or MensLine on 1800 600 636.