IN CRUISE CONTROL: Carol Burls and Ruth Montgomery in the first read-through of Bow Wave.
IN CRUISE CONTROL: Carol Burls and Ruth Montgomery in the first read-through of Bow Wave. CONTRIBUTED

All hands on deck as Bow Wave starts to take shape

A YEAR or so back, the child bride and I took a cruise and were immediately knocked over by the wonderful characters, oddball conversations and slices of life, being played out all around us.

It was a wonderful opportunity that should not be left to memory.

So armed with a notebook (the old-fashioned type that you actually write things down in) and two pairs of tuned-in ears, I set about a daily routine of turning aural highlights into written form.

I was a latter-day Samuel Pepys, even though the liner didn't offer a Great Plague or decent fire (in its defence, it did offer deck quoits, shuffleboard and free hamburgers).

By cruise end, I had a wonderful amount of material and couldn't wait to get down to work.

That's when fortune grimaced.

I stepped off the liner to find everyone was talking about a new David Williamson play, Cruise Control, set on an ocean liner and getting great reviews.

I put the research away in a folder, had a hip replacement and got on with life.

That is until a recent clean-out revealed the folder and, flicking through it, keenness flooded back.

The working title is Bow Wave, and Ruth Montgomery and Carol Burls took part in a run-through last week and we'll shortly be looking to fully cast.

More imminent is The Indee's production of Hooray For Hollywood, which will grace the Yandina School of Arts Hall stage on Sunday, March 12, at 2pm.

There'll be one performance only and it's reserved seating so it's worthwhile booking early.

In this outstanding show, tribute is paid to the great movie musicals and movie stars.

Twenty-five golden melodies are on the bill and there'll be five great talents on stage to present them: D'Arne Sleeman, Louise Dorsman, Elizabeth Hood, Bernard Wheaton and Mark Leung.

Tickets are $28, $26 and $25. Book on 5472 8200.