Joe Hockey.
Joe Hockey.

WE SAY: Age of entitlement looks alive and well

OUR VIEW: POLITICS is a hard game.

Ask Joe Hockey, Clive Palmer or Peter Slipper.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, normally the most composed of interviewees, sounded flustered yesterday after being asked about Prime Minister Tony Abbott's reported address to the government party room this week.

Mr Abbott, under attack by angry Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald after being late for a Canberra party meeting, reportedly apologised by saying he had to schedule a cancer research centre visit in Melbourne so he could justify claiming travel entitlements.


He had been in the city the night before for a party fundraising event.

Mr Turnbull stumbled as he said that while he remembered Mr Abbott's apology to the party room, but did not recall the PM's explanation.

Whether the report of Mr Abbott's comment is true or not, it has again shone a spotlight on the issue of politicians' expense claims, at a time when, according to the PM and Mr Hockey, the age of entitlement is over.

If that is true, shouldn't it be our well-paid politicians who are setting the example in their claims on taxpayer funds?

But Mr Abbott has more to worry about than just the report.

He has a party room leak with which to contend.

That cannot be a comfort-able situation.