Adam Goodes: Get over it, sports stars booed all the time

AT THE risk of sounding racist, I have got to say I'm over this whole damn Adam Goodes thing.

I'm a whitey, but that's me. I don't think of it, I don't jam it down anybody's throat and I don't ridicule or condemn anybody else for their background or heritage.

So Adam does a war dance. For what reason? To intimidate who? The crowd at the footy?

What is his intention with that gesture? Some say to display his pride in his Aboriginality. Some could say that act in itself could be considered racist.

What would happen to the person in the crowd who took a position of firing a mock musket at the advancing warrior? The finger would be firmly pointed at the racist.

So Adam gets booed and straight away, somehow, that has become a racist issue.

Get over it. Sportspeople get booed and disliked for a lot of different reasons, just the same as politicians, presidents and people in all walks of public life.

The football codes all contribute to the perceived problem by promoting indigenous rounds and a game of rugby league called Indigenous V All Stars.

Get rid of them. It could be racist, you know, Us versus Them.

Some people don't like me, or my thoughts, but what do I care.

It's probably a racist thing.


Mount Coolum