Corby Akehurst died in 2015.
Corby Akehurst died in 2015. File

Accused child killer in hospital

THE father accused of killing Kin Kin toddler Corby Akehurst is in hospital.

Shane Purssell Akehurst was due to have a committal hand-up hearing on Tuesday.

But Brisbane Magistrates Court was told Akehurst was in hospital.

In March 2015, Corby was almost two years old when police alleged his father threw him repeatedly against a timber bed at home after the boy would not stop crying.

The same month, Prosecutor Wayne Kelly told Brisbane Magistrates Court the child began convulsing and was left on the bedroom floor.

On Tuesday, Akehurst was expected to face one charge each of murder, torture and grievous bodily harm, and five charges of assault occasioning bodily harm.

But a lawyer told the court there was "some housekeeping to be done with respect to the charges".

The matter was adjourned to September 18.

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