WE ARE a world away.

A world away from death and destruction in Brussels.

A world away from the fighting in the Middle East.

A world away from the barbs, mudslinging and xenophobic rants of a US presidential election.

Right across the Sunshine Coast this Easter long weekend, residents and visitors alike have celebrated life and our Australian freedoms.

We have shown kindness to one another and hugged our loved ones a little tighter.

Through being together as families, attending festivals and surf contests, being out and about in our neighbourhoods and hosting parties and barbecues, we have shown that life is worth living and humanity is a wonderful thing.

We cannot be complacent that those who wish to harm us may be lurking ever closer.

We are alert, not alarmed.

But the best answer to those who think they can scare us into submission is to stand our ground, go about our daily lives as usual, and celebrate life with friends and loved ones.

The Sunshine Coast certainly proved it could do that this weekend.