Business mentor Simone Milasis.
Business mentor Simone Milasis.

A touching therapy to shut down noisy brains

A Noosa therapy class designed to end the “noisy negative chatter” in stressed out heads is going global tomorrow.

Business Mentor Simone Milasas will be livestreaming from Peppers Resort Noosa at 9.30am a class which shows how the gentle touch of 32 “access consciousness bars” or points on the head to banish those voices that tell people they are basically useless.

Ms Milasas said this process is like pressing the delete button of a computer’s data-cluttered hard drive to restore mental clarity a induce a reduction in anxiety.

“I happened to stumble across access bars 20 years ago at an expo,” she said.

“I’m honestly am not sure what I would do now if I was not getting my bars run at least once a week.

“When I get my bars it is such a sense of peace and it helps with the short fuse and also you see possibilities instead of problems,” Ms Milasis said.

She said access consciousness bar therapy was developed in the 1990s to assist in better sleep and less head chatter.

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