Nicky Moffat, Business reporter, Sunshine Coast Daily - Editorial.
Nicky Moffat, Business reporter, Sunshine Coast Daily - Editorial. Patrick Woods

OPINION: A pleasant kind of chaos for shopping on Coast

DRIVING into Sunshine Plaza on Saturday something clicked about the importance of Mother's Day for the local economy.

The carpark was grid-locked, and the lines through Myer moved slowly. It was a shopper's hell. The place really was pumping.

I'm a tad embarrassed to admit this was the first time I'd really considered how important Mother's Day and all the other celebrations we've invented are for retail trade.

Sure, they're gimmicky. There's no special significance to the date, the deeper meaning is only sometimes grasped and half the time I only remember it's Mother's Day when I hear someone talking about it.

Sometimes I can only think of the worst cliche to write on Mum's card.

But walking around the shopping centre on the weekend, I saw another side to the day. There were dads and their kids, perusing the stores and debating the merits of different items.

There were women in kitchen and manchester shops, making careful selections.

It was festive - a bit like Christmas but less stressful.

I've been to so many depressing, deserted shopping centres that the sight of one that was jam-packed really made me smile.

I felt happy for the shop owners - all the independent ones, too, who would also have reaped the rewards of Saturday's mini festival.

I remember what it was like when I sold garlic at a farmers' market and we had a good day. Busy meant happy.

Days such as Mother's Day are an opportunity to support our local, independent shops - maybe we should all embrace that.