This man is Peter Dutton, just not Australia’s Peter Dutton.
This man is Peter Dutton, just not Australia’s Peter Dutton.

The wrong Peter Dutton is getting grief

A 30-YEAR-OLD bloke from Texas is having a busy day, fielding multiple messages via social media from Australians whipped up into a frenzy by the leadership spill.

The problem is they have a case of mistaken identity. Peter Dutton from Austin is not the chap trying desperately to become Australian prime minister.

"I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realise I'm a 30 yr old black man before sending me tweets and DMs," Mr Dutton, the Texan, posted today.

He tweets under the handle (@PeterDutton5) while the former Home Affairs Minister and prime ministerial contender is (@PeterDutton_MP).

But Austin's Mr Dutton, who works for a gourmet popcorn company, is taking it in its stride. When someone suggested "Mate. It's anyone's game at the moment over here. Come try out for Prime Minister?" he said he was "packing his bags".

"We could use a 30yo black man as prime minister instead of the ratbags we're stuck with now," said one.

"You would totally be welcome to come down and take over. You can stay at my place until they have the official residence ready for you," John Nicolay said.

"I've now found a place to stay. Australians are my newest cousins," Mr Dutton replied.

The Texan is not the first Yank to find themselves unceremoniously yanked into Mr Dutton's political orbit.

A Peter Dutton from New York copped so much misdirected abuse on social media that his namesake, while Immigration Minister, apologised and offered to buy him a drink.

Mr Dutton, the New Yorker, not the Texan or Queenslander, started getting abusive tweets several years ago, but wasn't sure why.

"Depends on the week. Some weeks none. Some days dozens. I never know when a storm is going to hit," Mr Dutton told in 2016.

His Twitter handle (@peterdutton) is even easier to get confused for Australia's Mr Dutton.

But the New Yorker seems to have embraced the situation, with his cover photo of Bart mooning Australia in The Simpsons episode set Down Under and featuring terrible accents.

"It's been years since the first tweets, I guess while he was just a regular MP. Of course, I didn't know that at first, but someone soon explained," Mr Dutton said.

"The Australian Peter Dutton contacted me early on and apologised for the trouble. He was nice about it and I have no beef with him."