Thelma Plum is coming to Woodford Folk Festival.
Thelma Plum is coming to Woodford Folk Festival.

A delicious taste of Plum at Woodford

THELMA Plum will give festival-goers a taste of her debut album at Woodfordia next week.

The Melbourne-based singer songwriter is about halfway through the recording process for the as yet untitled record, which she is working on with Grammy Award-winning producer David Kahne (Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey).

It's not just a case of good timing; The Woodford Folk Festival holds a special place in Plum's heart.

"Woodford's always been a very big part of my life; it's my favourite festival in the world,” she told APN.

"I feel it's a very safe space, where there's none of that toxic masculinity I find at a lot of festivals in Australia.

"It's possible I will have a title (for the album) by the time Woodford starts and might share that on stage.”

The 21-year-old will return to New York after the festival to finish off the album, which reflects her growth as a musician since the release of her two EPs Rosie and Monster. in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

"I loved those EPs and always felt really good about them, especially Rosie because it was my first collection of music I decided to share with the world, but in the process of those I was still figuring out who I am as a songwriter and who I want to be as a performer and artist,” she said.

"This album musically reflects on where I am right now. I'm really excited about it and you can hear that growth I think.”

The record will feature collaborations with Dave Le'aupepe from Gang of Youths and legendary songwriter Paul Kelly.

As if working with Kelly wasn't already intimidating enough, a text message blooper made Plum's arrival for their songwriting session a bit awkward.

"When I went to write with him I arrived at his house - I'm the biggest Paul Kellly fan in the world - I messaged him to say 'I'm outside'. Then I also went to message a girlfriend of mine and I wrote to her 'omfg I'm going to vomit',” Plum recounted.

"Then he answers the door and says 'you just messaged me, are you OK?' I was like why would he think I was sick? Then I realised I sent him the message saying 'omfg I'm going to vomit'. I owned up to it and told him that it wasn't meant for him.”

Plum recently made headlines for recounting her 'scary' run-in with Sticky Fingers lead singer Dylan Frost just days before the band announced its shock split.

Her Facebook post has since been deleted and she released a statement distancing herself from Frost, who has told fans he will be checking into rehab for 'alcohol addiction and mental health issues'.

Plum wouldn't comment further on Frost specifically, but did have something to say.

"I'll say one thing. It is 2016 and will soon me 2017 and there's no time for sexism in the music industry,” she said.