HE may have stacked a Segway, but it appears Senior Constable Pierre Senekal has a way with bulls.

The officer-in-charge of Kenilworth agreed to take part in a bull riding incident as a promotion for this Saturday's Kenilworth Rodeo.

But he didn't really realise what he was up against until he met the bull he'd have to climb on face to face.

"It was a lot bigger than I thought," Sen Const Senekal said.

And with thoughts of Joe Natoli's disastrous 20005 bull ride at the back of his mind, he carefully climbed on the giant creature which could have "crushed me like a stick".

Thankfully, the bull was virtually half asleep and just "walked around".

"They said I only had to stay on for eight seconds," Sen Const Senekal said.

He managed to hang on for about three minutes, even relaxing enough to raise his hat on the bulls back.

Kenilworth Showgrounds Secretary Lollie Murtagh said he "did very well".

Ms Murthagh is grateful for the publicity for this Saturday's rodeo which will see the country town transformed into a haven of activity, including pig races for most of the day.

The funds raised go towards the Showgrounds hall and recreation areas.

The rodeo is annual event and is in its 97th year.



THE police officer who famously stacked a Segway at Noosa is going to try his hand at bull riding.

Senior Constable Pierre Senekal, the officer-in-charge at Kenilworth, is going to ride a bull as part of a promotion for this Saturday's Kenilworth Rodeo.

His only hope is he doesn't end up with a "Joe Natoli moment".

The former Maroochy mayor broke his back riding a bull for the Kenilworth rodeo in February 2005.


The moment Joe Natoli came off a bull at the Kenilworth Rodeo in 2005
The moment Joe Natoli came off a bull at the Kenilworth Rodeo in 2005

Snr Cnst Senekal moved to Kenilworth to take up the post in the country town early last year and even took his Segway with him.

But he lost this ride in May as the Queensland Police removed all Segways from the service.

It may have been the stack Snr Cnst Senekal had at Hastings Street in late 2014 that prompted the recall.

Snr Cnst Senekal released the CCTV footage of his famous stack as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation which had helped his son, Peter, when he was diagnosed with cancer aged 10.

He released the footage on condition people who had a laugh made a donation to the charity.

If Snr Cnst Senekal was nervous about climbing on a wild beast, he was managing to hide it well.

"I haven't met the bull before," Snr Cnst Senekal said.

"Apparently it's huge."

He said the aim was to promote Saturday, September 17 Kenilworth Rodeo which promised to be a fun-filled family event.

"It goes all day, from 8am to 4pm and there will pig chases for the children, bull riding and a chance to see a real cowboy," he said.

The town's tourism committee persuaded their local officer to put his body on the line by telling him a "Gold Coast lady police officer did it and it got great publicity".

"I said I didn't want to be the centre of attention, but they said I must do it."

Will Snr Cnst Senekal stack again? The Daily will video his bull riding attempt and post it up later.