Fires rage on Shane Westman's property near Wandoan.
Fires rage on Shane Westman's property near Wandoan. Contributed

Site helps Queenslanders get ready for emergencies

A PERSONALISED, step-by-step guide to create a resilient environment for yourself and your loved ones is now at your fingertips.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Commissioner Lee Johnson said a brand-new digital initiative, where Queenslanders could sign up for their own personalised Get Ready program, was now available online.

"All Queenslanders can register by entering some basic details about their location and their local risks, and each week they will receive one simple task to complete. Building resilience does not get much easier than that," Mr Johnson said.

"Weather events are not just a possibility in Queensland, they are a certainty, and by registering for this initiative and completing the tasks we can become the most resilient state in Australia.

Mr Johnson said each year too many people waited until the last minute, scrambling in the dark without power and essential food and sanitary supplies and frustrated when help is not just minutes away.

"Emergency crews will help the most vulnerable first in these situations and being body-able without the basic supplies and needing assistance, which should have been considered months prior, ties up valuable resources," he said.

"Chances are you will be one of thousands of people in the same situation and at that point you'd wish you had taken time out to do some simple preparations to make the recovery period that little bit more comfortable."

To register your own personalised Get Ready Plan visit