Ignorant vandals are killing off Tasmanian Devil population

HEARTLESS vandals are destroying technology that could save Tasmanian devils from extinction.

Thugs have done their best to ruin 30 "virtual fences" worth $120,000 in select areas of the Apple Isle.

The alarm-based technology is designed to stop wildlife such as devils from wandering on to busy roads.

Installed in white boxes and mounted on poles, the fences produce extremely loud sounds and flashes of light when cars approach.

Wildlife Safety Solutions' Jack Swanepol and wildlife biologist Nick Mooney said they were angry at the wanton destruction.

Mr Swanepol said the vandals probably had no idea how important the technology was to the devil population.

"We're keen to see action being taken on these people and someone to be made an example out of for such a foul act," he told the ABC.

"I guess it's by the same people who are shooting holes in street signs."