Campbell Newman tells voters he has "learnt some lessons"

APN NewsdeskAFTER polls showed Campbell Newman faces a tough battle to return the LNP to government, the Queensland Premier has told voters he has "learnt some lessons" from his first term in office.

The latest Newspoll, published in The Australian on Saturday, showed a huge 13% swing against the LNP in three key electorates, while Labor now leads the LNP 56% to 44% in the two-party preferred stakes.

If that support stayed unchanged until the election this Saturday, the LNP would lose the central Queensland seat of Keppel, outer Brisbane seat of Ipswich West and the far north seat of Cairns.

Mr Newman told the Courier Mail on Sunday he had "learnt some lessons" from his first term in power, saying the LNP said they would "change the way we operate and we have".

His comments came as former Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie urged the state's Returned Services League and Defence Force employees to vote against the LNP, saying the state election campaign was a chance for serving and former ADF employees to "put some real political pressure" on the LNP.

"In QLD, the defence community have got the numbers. The ends will justify the means," she said in a statement.