Australia's terror alert stays put as UK's increases

AUSTRALIA'S terror alert will remain at medium despite the United Kingdom increasing its assessment of risk from substantial to severe.

Attorney-General George Brandis said the move by the United Kingdom at the weekend indicated the significance threat posed by the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

"We remain in close contact with the United Kingdom and other partners about the threat from terrorist groups active in Syria and Iraq and from returning foreign fighters," he said

"Events in Syria and Iraq, and the large number of Australians participating in the conflict, means Australia is facing its highest threat for some time.

"Australia's National Terrorism Public Alert System level remains at medium which indicates that a terrorist attack could occur."

Senator Brandis said the level was under constant review and is based on advice from security and intelligence agencies.

"Australia's threat level would be increased to high if it were deemed that a terrorist attack is likely to occur," he said.

"The government is taking all necessary steps to keep Australia and Australian interests safe." - APN Newsdesk.