Final list of 425 staff clear out locker for move to Noosa

THE transfer of staff from Sunshine Coast Council to Noosa will include 95 who have no connection with the pre-2008 amalgamation of the northern shire with Maroochy and Noosa councils.

Sunshine Coast Council CEO John Knaggs has provided Noosa Transfer Manager Peter Franks with a final list of 425 full-time equivalent staff to be transferred to the new Noosa Council, including position details.

"All staff to be transferred received a letter last week from Sunshine Coast Council CEO confirming their transfer," Mr Franks said.

Pre-poll voting for the six councillors and one mayoral position in the new council opened yesterday.

"Now that I know who is coming, I have a better understanding of the resources we will have available,'' Mr Franks said.

"This will also assist us in assessing the requirements for workspace accommodation and other requirements."

Former Noosa and Sunshine Coast mayor Bob Abbot, who is standing for a councillor position at the election on November 9, said the number was close to the 420 he had anticipated.

Mr Abbot said only about 330 of the Noosa staff transferred into the Sunshine Coast Council in 2008 remained with the organisation. That would mean around 95 of those allocated to the new Noosa Council would come from the Coast's southern end.

"In real terms I was hoping the number would be fewer than that,'' Mr Abbot said.

"I imagine Peter Franks will be speaking to the mayor-elect but the new council can't meet or act before January 1, 2014."

Mr Franks said now that he had received the final staff list, work had started on the organisational structure.

He said phase one would involve developing the interim organisational structure and determining the actual number of staff required.

"Phase two I will be making recommendations to the incoming council after January 1, 2014 on the permanent structure and the process to apply to fill positions," Mr Franks said.

"I am meeting with staff unions on Thursday to discuss a range of matters related to the transfer of staff.

"Once the interim structure has been determined I will be writing individually to all staff as soon as possible to advise of the interim arrangements.

"I realise this is a very difficult time for staff, which is why I am working quickly to ensure staffing is finalised as soon as possible so people have certainty around their employment."