10 stress-cutting tips for the dreaded exams

AS STUDENTS across the state take part in day two of the QCS test, it's not too late to put these handy stress-cutting tips into practice for upcoming exams.

1. Get plenty of sleep in the lead up to your exams

2. Have a good mind set - making sure you are positive and have faith in yourself and your ability

3. It's never too late to cram before an exam if you feel like you have no other option

No-one likes an exam Thinkstock

4. Switch off any electronic devises that could be a distraction so you can concentrate on your study

5. Make sure your siblings understand the stress you're under and tell them to leave you alone, or better still make a 'do not disturb sign' and hang it on your door

6. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well in the lead up to your exams

7. Have quiet breaks between your study session, and don't overdo the study

8. Eat lots of bananas, blueberries and green tea, they're all good for concentration and will help you focus on the task at hand

Bananas are a great snack while studying

9. Why not practice studying with friends for a bit of fun in the lead up to your exams

10. Try not to let the stress get to you too much, it's not worth sleepless nights, all you can do is your best job