Few food fads have had the impact of the burger so calling out the best is set to be controversial but we think these are the best you’ll find in Australia.
Few food fads have had the impact of the burger so calling out the best is set to be controversial but we think these are the best you’ll find in Australia.

10 Aussie burgers worth travelling for

Few food fads have had the impact of the burger in the last decade.

It's not as if we didn't have them in abundance down under, but a swell, lead by the sweet-bun smashed patty American iteration proliferated the market and altered the accepted standards of burgers from cafes to pubs and restaurants too.

There are too many great burgers to list here, but you can't go wrong wrapping your laughing gear around these handheld gems.




If you want to know the best burgers in Adelaide, ask the chefs and the hands down response is Nordburger. Sure, you may need a defibrillator when taking on the Royale, but there are plenty of good drinks on hand to help wash it down. Nordburger's Royale is served on a soft bun with two patties, two slices of cheese, caramelised onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup, Nord sauce. Pull up a pew and pull on the feedbag, you won't regret it.


Miss Perez

Great burgers aren't limited to the capital cities and Miss Perez in Stirling has a bagful of banging burgers that are worth travelling for. Sure you could be tempted by the tacos and hot wings, but the signature Perez will please all your burger-loving tastebuds.

With 200g of local grass fed beef combined with Mercian cheese, onion jam, lettuce, truffle mayo and a slap of Perez secret sauce. Yes please.



Short Order Burger Co.

This former pop up that made a name for itself pushing out burgers from a shipping container has landed bricks and mortar and the burgers are better than ever before. A glistening soft brioche bun, a juicy beef patty and smoked mozzarella, American cheese and mustard and tomato sauce. This is the slider of burgers and you'll be hard pressed to stop at one.


Ocean and Paddock, Albany

It's known as one of the best fish 'n chippers in Australia but Ocean and Paddock also got one of the best regional burgers too. This is an old school Aussie burger, where a seeded savoury bun houses local beef pattie, tomato, lettuce onion and tommy sauce. Add a bag full of twice cooked chips and a milkshake and you'll be back reminiscing your youth as you slip into a food coma.



Ben's Burgers

The heartbeat of the Brisbane burger scene, Ben's Burgers are the go to burger of the cities chefs and burger officialdoms looking for simple burgers that take as much influence from the sweet American and Australia's savoury spin. The go-to slam dunks a sweet, soft bun boasting a thick patty, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. It's a three pointer!


Betty's Burgers, Noosa

They're all over Australia and for good reason. But the Noosa store just a hop, skip and jump from the sea making it ideal to fill your belly while dipping your toes in the deep blue. The biggest issue will be deciding which burger to choice, but the Betty deluxe with Angus beef, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and Betty's secret sauce is one of the best Aussie style burgers down under.




A Mary’s cheese burger and fries.
A Mary’s cheese burger and fries.

There is no doubt that Mary's changed the debate on burgers. When this dark Newtown dive bar first opened they put rock n roll into burger like never before. It's become such a hit, they now have a takeaway store in the CBD for those that can't swallow a solo by Slayer and a burger at the same time. The Mary's soft, sweet bun housing a patty boasting three cuts of beef, butter lettuce, tomato, cheese and Mary's special sauce is a godsend - just make sure you add trash can bacon to take your burger to the next level.


Gracie Burger, Orange

It may be known for stunning wine and perfect produce but the regional town of Orange also boasts one of New South Wales best burgers. The BBQ bacon and cheese burger is a crowd favourite, but the classic cheese where pickles, lettuce, onion, tomato, American cheese and Gracie's special sauce combine with 100% local beef pattie on an unseeded bun is the one that will please.




This bustling burger joint is a tribute to the pixels of the arcade games of our past, but the burgers are anything but a faint memory of our past. Chef Shayne MaCallum turned his hand to burgers a few years ago and he's brought is nuanced touch to deliver burgers with attention to detail, but big on flavour. The After Burner, for instance is a hot rod ride of beef, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapeños, mustard and chipotle mayo.


Hot Chicken Project, Geelong

Aaron Turner is one of our most celebrated chefs. His restaurant Igni has won almost every accolade, but the clever chef has a deep love for fried chicken and burgers too, and his store Hot Chicken Project has the best burger in Australia - according to some. Seeded bun, iceberg lettuce, cheese, special sauce and the fandango of fried chicken makes for one hell of a mouthful.

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