-2C! Frosty QLD shivers through subzero temps

Queenslanders are shivering through one of our coldest mornings of the year with the mercury plunging to -2C and frost blanketing some parts of the state.

Warwick is so far the coldest town this morning, toppling to -2C just before 6am while Kingaroy was a frosty -1.9C at 5am.

Most of the Darling Downs/Granite Belt region has dropped into subzero territory with it -1.9C at Wellcamp Airport, -0.7C at Oakey and -1.1C at Applethorpe.



Meanwhile, it was a chilly 0.6C at Beaudesert, 1.3C at Amberley, 1.8C at Gympie, 6.6C at Coolangatta and Brisbane Airport.

And the temperature may plunge even further in coming hours.


Stanthorpe has a forecast minimum temperature of -1C today - colder than Hobart with a predicted minimum temperature of 8C and pipping Canberra's 2C.

Bureau of Meteorology's Peter Markworth said the frosty mornings have set in for the week, as records for the coldest day of the year have been broken.

"There's an airflow being pushed right across Queensland, covering it like a big blanket of dry air."

"Temperatures could still go down, Kingaroy got lower than its previous record yesterday with -1C."

Frost in Stanthorpe. Photo: Grovely House B&B Stanthorpe
Frost in Stanthorpe. Photo: Grovely House B&B Stanthorpe

Brisbane may yet still experience its coldest morning as well, with minimum temperatures expected to reach as low as 6C today.



The river city recorded its coldest morning for 2020 so far on Tuesday, as the mercury dropped to 9.1C.

The last time Brisbane dropped below 6C was on July 15, 2018, when the minimum fell to 5.2C.



Last year, the lowest minimum temperature recorded in Brisbane was 7.4C on July 12.

Mr Markworth said the low minimum temperatures are expected to stay until at least Sunday.

"The southeast starts to return back to normal on the coast when they get a bit more moisture, but the rest of the state remains below average," Mr Markworth said.


August Jones-Fama'aea, 6, and sister Olive, 3, of Springfield enjoy the cold weather in Stanthorpe. Pic Liz Fama'aea
August Jones-Fama'aea, 6, and sister Olive, 3, of Springfield enjoy the cold weather in Stanthorpe. Pic Liz Fama'aea


Stanthorpe local Liz Fama'aea said her nephew, August Jones-Fama'aea, and niece, Olive Jones-Fama'aea came to visit from Brisbane hoping to see snow for the first time.

"If we're lucky we'll get some, it would be a first for them," she said.

Ms Fama'aea said conditions for snowfall had been good in 2020, as Stanthorpe hadn't been as dry as recent years.



"My sister and brother-in-law, we all grew up here, so for them to come back and be able to see some snow would have been pretty special."

While it would be cold enough for snow in Stanthorpe, Mr Markworth said the region would have to wait as skies would be clear.

"To get snow we would need some form of rainfall and there's no mechanism at the moment for rain across the state."







Kingaroy: -1.9C

Applethorpe: -1.1C

Miles: -0.5C

Roma: -0.3C

Warwick: -2C

Oakey: -0.7C

Canungra: -0.2C

Beaudesert: 0.6C

Charleville: 1C

Amberley: 1.3C

Gympie: 1.8C

Biloela: 2.6C

Toowoomba: 3.1C

Birdsville: 3.7C

Coolangatta: 6.6C

Brisbane Airport: 6.6C


Originally published as -2C! Frosty QLD shivers through subzero temps