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Cats Best Smart Pellet Litter 2.5kg


Date listed: 7/4/2018

CAT’S BEST | SMART PELLETS | 2.5kgThey’re small, they’re clumping but also non-sticking, Cat’s Best Smart Pellets are the first ever cat litter mini-pellets. By leveraging on the natural absorbability of refined active wood fibres, the mini-pellets are capable of soaking up seven times their volume of liquid whilst also neutralising odour at the same time. By regularly removing clumps of litter and solid waste, Cat’s Best Smart Pellets can last up to seven weeks in the litter tray. ·      Clumping and non-sticking ·      Soaks up seven times its own volume ·      Neutralises odour ·      Long lasting – up to 7 weeks in the tray ·      Biodegradable   Easy to dispose, simply place the removed waste particles in the rubbish bin, the organic waste bin, compost or flush it down the toilet.   Made from renewable raw materials.   Net Weight: 2.5kg

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